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Meet the Owner

Hi there! I'm Amanda McCarty, a mom of twins and a growing family! From a deep-seated love for all things beauty to the pursuit of entrepreneurship, my path has been nothing short of fulfilling. Through dedication and passion, I've achieved the incredible feat of building my own clientele from scratch to fully booked in three different cities across the Northeast. With a burning desire for salon ownership, I took the leap and opened my first location, achieving six-figure success behind the chair.  After filling my first location, a second & third emerged a few years later. The thrill of this success has led me to my true calling: nurturing and empowering others. As an educator, mentor and leader, I've made it my mission to grow teams of stylists to reach the same heights of success, whether BTC or as a business owner. Through personalized 1-on-1 coaching and group mentorship programs, I extend my hand to fellow stylists & salon owners, guiding them on their own journey towards fulfilling their dreams. Join me on this empowering path of growth, where confidence, care, and trust pave the way to success!

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The 315 Story

315 Beauty Bar, located at the Inner Harbor was established as the flagship salon in 2019. Here, you will find a fully staffed salon with a culture of beautifully talented, supportive and trustworthy artists. Soon after the doors opened here, Amanda knew this wasn't going to be it; whatever that meant. She loves every facet of business ownership. From the financials, construction, crunching numbers, planning and being a leader. She has a natural desire to focus on growth and improvements.  In 2022, the second and third salon locations were established in the heart of beautiful Armory Square. The first floor is home to 315 Beauty Bar Downtown and the second floor, 315 Beauty Bar Suites. It is the first of its kind in the area, blending all facets of the industry. She is on a mission to educate and support growth, from new industry professionals just starting their career, to those looking to venture into entrepreneurship. Whether it be growing your book, renting a chair, a suite, or starting your own salon, let her show you how to maximize your potential. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. I love working with motivated and inspiring stylists like you! Let's connect!

Free Budget Planner!

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